Users have direct access to the books, current peri­odicals and previous years of some periodicals (see list of journals that may be consulted in the library), trade catalogues and look-books.

Students should ask staff for access to audio-visu­al materials and some particularly valuable volumes which are kept in cupboards.

The newspaper and periodicals library can be con­sulted on appointment and according to the condi­tions described in the library regulations.

The catalogue of books, periodicals and non-book materials can be consulted via the online catalogue.
Students following Polimoda courses have free ac­cess to the loan service at Polimoda and at home.

Home loan of all materials is not available to stu­dents on sponsored, company, summer, short and orientation courses.

Students are entitled to home loans on producing their record book complete with photo, registration for the current term and library barcode.

The duration of home loans is seven (7) days. Not more than three (3) items may be borrowed at the same time: books and films. Items may not be re­served.

Loans are not renewable.