AUSTRIA Lungarno Vespucci, 58 – Tel. 055 265 4222
BANGLADESH Via Pellicceria, 6 – Tel. 055 217 500
BELGIUM Via dei Servi, 28 – Tel. 055 282 094
BRAZIL Piazza Pitti, 5 – Tel. 055 222 336
CAPE VERDE Via Tornabuoni, 4 – Tel. 055 216 689
CHINA (People’s Republic) Via della Robbia, 89r  – Tel. 055 505 8188
COLOMBIA Via Santo Spirito, 11 – Tel. 055 289 468
IVORY COAST Via Santo Spirito 9r presso Galleria Camiciotti Tel. 055 294 837
COSTA RICA Via Giambologna, 10 – Tel. 055 573603
DENMARK Via dei Servi, 13 – Tel. 055 211 007
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Via dei Servi, 13 – Tel. 055 213 149
ECUADOR Vie Trieste, 67 – Tel. 055 473 151
ESTONIA Via Lamarmora, 55 – Tel. 055 588 313
FINLAND Via Strozzi, 6 – Tel.055 293 228
FRANCE Piazza Ognissanti, 2 – Tel. 055 230 2556
GERMANY Lungarno Vespucci, 30 – Tel. 055 294 722
GREAT BRITAIN Lungarno Corsini, 2 – Tel. 055 284 133
GREECE Via Cavour, 38 – Tel. 055 238 1482
GUINEA Viale Redi, 43 – Tel. 055 357 007
HONDURAS Via dell’Erta Canina, 66 – Tel. 055 230 2825
LATVIA Via S.Maria Celeste, 1 – Tel. 055 224 597
LITHUANIA Via degli Alfani, 68 – Tel. 055 264 47
LUXEMBOURG Via Palestro, 4 – Tel. 055 284 232
MALTA Via dei Servi, 13 – Tel. 055 217 875
MEXICO Via Arte della Lana, 4 – Tel. 055 217 831
PRINCIPALITY OF MONACO Lungarno Vespucci, 58 – Tel. 055 2670608
NORWAY Via G. Capponi, 26 – Tel. 055 247 9321
NETHERLANDS Via Cavour, 81 – Tel. 055 475 249
PANAMA Via E. Mayer, 19 – Tel. 055 473 904
PARAGUAY Via dell’Erta Canina, 66 – Tel. 055 2345020
PERU Piazza San Firenze, 3 – Tel.055 2655902
PORTUGAL Via Bolognese, 55  – Tel. 055 234 3543
RUSSIA (Russian Federation) Corso Italia, 8 – Tel. 055 260 8940
SAN MARINO Via Roma,3 – Tel. 055 210864
SENEGAL Via Borgo San Lorenzo, 1 – Tel. 055 216 999
SEYCHELLES Via Alfieri, 19 – Tel. 055 53466
SLOVAKIA Via La Marmora, 39 – Tel. 055 579 531
SPAIN Via de’ Servi 13 – Tel. 055 212207
UNITED STATES Lungarno Vespucci, 38 – Tel. 055 239 8276
SOUTH AFRICA Piazza Saltarelli, 1 – Tel. 055 281863
SWEDEN Via B. Lupi, 14 – Tel. 055 499 536
SWITZERLAND Piazzale Galileo, 5 – Tel. 055 222 434
TURKEY Via D. da Castiglione, 8 – Tel. 055 233 5640
HUNGARY Via Belgio, 2 – Tel. 055 6531817
VENEZUELA Via Giambologna, 10 – Tel. 055 588 082
YEMEN Via Maffia, 10 – Tel. 055 239 9328

ROME: Via V. Veneto 119,
Tel. 06 466741 – Fax 06 46742217
MILAN:  Via Principe Amedeo 2/10,
Tel. 02 290351

Always carry your passport when travelling, as it may be required for identification during a police check. For daily use we suggest you carry a photocopy. If your passport is lost or stolen, you must report the theft / loss to the:
•    Questura Police Department Commissariato “S.Giovanni”Via Pietrapiana, 50/rTel. 055 203911 – 055 20391370English speaking operator: from 9.00 – 13.00;
•    Carabinieri Station•    Via Borgo Ognissanti, 48Tel. 055 24811
You must then go to your consulate to apply for a new one.

This is a government permit for people staying long­er than 3 months and it should be requested within 8 working days of arrival in Italy.

A residency permit for reasons of study covers a pe­riod of one year; students on courses of several years must initiate the renewal procedure themselves at least 90 days before expiry of the permit, requesting the necessary certificate of attendance from the ed­ucation office.

To apply for a residency permit, foreign citizens must obtain a KIT, available from Italian post offices, con­taining an envelope, two forms and a set of instruc­tions. The same forms must be completed for subse­quent renewals.

Several institutions exist which will help with com­pletion of the forms, free of charge, such as the “patr­onati” (see below).

Once completed, the request for a residency permit and subsequent renewals must be taken to Italian post offices which offer a “Sportello Amico” service, together with:

1. original passport with entrance visa for identi­ fication;
2. photocopy of entire passport;
3. four recent and identical passport photographs;
4. a “marca da bollo” (tax stamp) to the value of €14.62 (*);
5. photocopy of an insurance policy providing sick­ness and accident cover, valid in Italy for the en­tire period of residency in the country (see pp. 25 and 30);
­6. proof of solvency (photocopy of front and reverse of your credit card or travellers’ cheques);
7. certificate of enrolment at the school stamped by the relevant national embassy or consulate in Italy;
8. payment of €27.50 made by postal order, for the cost of issuing an electronic permit;
9. payment of €30.00 for the cost of insured post­ al delivery.

The post office official will confirm the identity of the person requesting the permit and will issue a receipt representing proof that the permit request has been consigned; this receipt should therefore be kept and shown on request. Also printed on the receipt are a user name and password for accessing the website www.portaleimmigrazione.it where the status of your permit request can be checked.

Once the request has been consigned, you will be contacted by the state police when the residency permit is ready for collection. The date indicated for collection of the document should be respected.
In the case of a first permit, the police will take a set of fingerprints.

The following post offices provide a “Sportello Ami­co” service in Florence:
•  Via Pellicceria, 3
•  Via Senese, 49/R
•  Via Tozzetti Targioni, 23/A
•  Via Torcicoda, 47/B
•  Via Cavour, 71/A
•  Via Gemignani
•  Piazza Muratori, 21
•  Piazza Conti, 9
•  Via R. Giuliani, 148/E (red)
•  Via Chiantigiana, 163
•  Via del Mezzetta
•  Lungarno Ferrucci, 41/A

Associations (“patronati”) that assist with comple­tion of the residency request forms:
Cepa Acli for an appointment tel 055 357824.
Cepa Inca Cgil for an appointment
tel 055 2700474 / 055 27000528 / 055 2722562
Cepa Inas Cisl for an appointment tel: 055 212665.
Cepa Ital, Via Alamanni, 23/i for an appointment tel 055 288033    Monday 9.00-13.00, Thursday 9.00-12.00/15.00-17.00,
Friday 9.00-12.00.

(*) The “marca da bollo” is a kind of tax stamp, not unlike a postage stamp, used in Italy since 1863 to validate deeds and public documents. It was re­placed in 2007 by an adhesive countermark generat­ed automatically by authorised sales points such as “tabacchi” where stamps and tobacco are sold.

Proof of health and accident coverage in Italy for the entire period of your residency is required when ap­plying for a residency permit.

INA Assitalia offers a low-cost policy for foreign citi­zens staying in Italy for reasons of study.

The policy covers sickness, accidents, hospitaliza­tion and re-entry for health reasons to the holder’s home nation and costs €49.00 for six months or €98.00 for a year.

Proof of coverage under this policy is provided by the receipt of payment via postal order to post office ac­count (c.c.p.) number 71270003 made out to INA As­sitalia, General Agency in Rome. A photocopy of this receipt should accompany the residency request.

If necessary, the policy holder should immediately contact the Information Service:
Europ Assistance Service Spa,
p.za Trento, 8 – 20135 Milan,
Freephone 800 450 130, available 24 hours a day
You will be asked for details of the postal order pay­ment.
Alternative health insurance policies, such as that indicated on p. 25 are available directly from other national insurance companies.

Cash and travellers’ cheques can be changed at any bank during opening times (usually Monday-Friday, from 8.30 to 13.30 and from 14.30 to 15.30); cash may be withdrawn from ATM (Bancomat) machines.

A tax code number (codice fiscale) is necessary to open a bank account and is also required for signing rental agreements.

A codice fiscale is obtained from the “Ufficio delle Imposte Dirette” (office of direct taxation) in Via Santa Caterina d’Alessandria, 23. All that is neces­sary is your passport and the service is free.

Only legal adults can open a bank account.

The Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank, branch 18, Via Del Ponte Sospeso 15/r offers special fees for stu­dents of Polimoda who open a bank account with them. ATM (bancomat) cards are not available from this agency.

The Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze offers a pre-paid card which is valid on the Visa circuit. This is availa­ble without opening a bank account and can be used for internet sales and to withdraw cash from all ATM points.
This card may be obtained from any branch of the Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze on making a deposit.

This number is only for real emergencies, such as a car accident or domestic accident, an incident when immediate help is required. This is the equivalent of the American 911.

The Night Medical Service helps with problems that happen during the night when usually it is not possi­ble to get a doctor’s help easily.

Santa Maria Nuova
P.za S. Maria Nuova, Tel. 055 27581

V.le Morgagni, 85, Tel. 055 4277111

Orthopaedic Traumatology Centre (C.T.O.) Lar­go P. Palagi, 1, Tel. 055 4278227

Tuscan Orthopaedic Institute
V.le Michelangelo, 41, Tel. 055 27691

S. Giovanni di Dio
Via Torregalli, 3, Tel. 055 71921
You will probably be asked to pay for medical expens­es. Always keep all the receipts of your payments and find out about medical claims reimbursement.

Via Lorenzo il Magnifico, 59, Tel. 055 475411
A 24-hour service is provided, with English speaking doctors. Their services include:

a general practitioner on call for house visits 24 •    hours a day all year round;
a medical office open 8.00-12.00 and 14.00-18.00 •    (8.00 -12.00 Saturdays) that can provide solutions for all heath-related problems;
a doctor in the office, for walk-in visits, from 11.00-•    12.00 and 17.00-18.00 on weekdays and from 11.00-12.00 on Saturdays.

Any special medical treatment and/or house call out­side Florence will be subject to an extra charge.

Istituto Medico Fanfani
P.za Indipendenza, 18/b, Tel. 055 49701
Clinical tests are carried out here and a second opin­ion by a medical specialist is available on payment; An English-speaking operator is not always availa­ble.

In Florence pharmacies are open 9.00–13.00/15.30-20.00 Monday to Friday. Three pharmacies are open 24 hours a day. On Saturday and Sunday only those on duty are open. The Freephone number 800420707 pro­vides information and advice 24 hours a day.

•  COMUNALE 13 – Santa Maria Novella station, •    P.za Stazione, Tel. 055 289435
open day and night;
•  MOLTENI – Via Calzaiuoli, 7/R, Tel. 055 215472open day and night;
•  ALL’INSEGNA DEL MORO – P.za Goldoni, 2/R, Tel. 055 210660open day and night;
•  DI RIFREDI – P.Za Dalmazia, 24r, Tel. 055 4220422,
open 8.00 – 21.00;
•  PAGLICCI – Via della Scala, 61, Tel. 055 215612, open 20.00 – 9.00.


Emergency telephone number: 113
Emergency telephone number: 112
Emergency telephone number:  115

Astra Cinehall
Via Cerretani, 54/r, Tel. 055 294770 www.cinehall.it
Odeon Original Sound
Via Sassetti,1, Tel. 055 214068

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