HOW TO PRINT FILES FROM COMPUTER LABA new print mode called “PULL-PRINTING” has been activated on the computer lab shared printer.

This technology does not allow the printing jobs to be sent directly to the printer, but it requires for each student to dial a code in order to retrieve the prints. There are some advantages with this process: sin­ce the code is personal, it is impossible to retrieve other students’ prints by mistake; each user can cho­ose which works to print and which to delete (prints sent by mistake or not released by the personal code won’t be charged).

The personal code is the Codice Anagrafica which can be found on the Polimoda ID and on the Polimo­daservizi webportal, without the initial “0” if present, as shown below:

The printing procedure can be summarized as fol­lows:
1.    Print your document on the EQ_OKI_PCL su SRV-OPAC remembering to select between color and black and white before printing;
2.    Go to the printer where you can find the device shown in the following image:

3.    Follow the steps reported below to obtain the prints.

•    Dial the personal code on the device key­board.

•    The number of jobs available is shown on the display.  Press F1 to print all jobs. The printing process will start in a few se­conds.
•    If you do not want to print all your works, press F2 and follow the on screen instruc­tion for selective printing or deleting.

The new system allows you to self check your availa­ble credit for printing.

There are two ways to check credit, first, fastest, only allows you to check the remaining credit through the program EQAcctMonitor.exe on the network drive M: as follows:
•    Open My Computer and select the network drive M:
•    Double click on the file EQAcctMonitor.exe.

The second way, via the web browser, lets you check your credit report and have the prints made ​​in the last month.

You have to connect to the following URL:https://srv-opac:2941/webtools
Click on “Continue to this website”.
Insert your username (ID) and password at Logon.
Clicking on “Statement” allows you to check previous printing and charging.

The following regulations apply to all information technology classrooms and laboratories:
•  it is forbidden to bring food or drink into any of these areas;
•  students must not attempt to repair machinery on their own;
•  students must not unplug any machines or equipment from the sockets or network;
•  it is forbidden to use the electric plug sockets or floor network leads;
•  laboratories and classrooms must always be left tidy and in their original state;
•  laboratories can be used freely at times when there are no lessons (see times on website) but must be vacated 15 minutes before the beginning of the next lesson and left in their original state;

Students are requested to read and respect the regulations established in the document “R7-5-1m
Regolamento Laboratori Informatici” (regulations IT laboratories) .