In 1994 Polimoda created a new centre for compu­ter technology to meet the educational requirements of students, provide training for those in the clothing sector, for the teachers and students on profession­al training courses and to provide a point of reference for businesses and professionals in the fashion trade who wished to make use of CAD-CAM programmes.

By continually investing in the maintenance and im­provement of its systems, the Technology Centre is now recognised as an educational centre of excel­lence for the use of new technologies in the fashion sector.

The five computer laboratories provide a total of 120 computers disposed for graphics, over half of which have large adjustable screens and graphics tablets facili­tating a complete overview of the development of a product from research to retail and marketing.

Partnerships with leading sector companies who of­fer their services to Polimoda enable students to work in a context which closely reflects that of pro­duction from the earliest stages.

Polimoda is the first school in Italy to use Visual Re­tailing 4 software for visual merchandising (from 3D graphics for window dressing to back office support) and Atelier98 for retail management (from account­ing to forecasting and business intelligence) in ad­dition to the above CAD software is also installed and used for clothing, shoes and accessories pattern design.

The entire computer network is permanently linked to internet, including by wireless connection.

Wifi Network “Guglielmo”

In all Polimoda locations wireless connection is guaranteed by an external domain called Guglielmo that, as well as providing access to the web, through the same name, processes navigation data as required by law.
Simply obtain a wifi card with a username and password, like the one below, to access the wireless connection in all POLIMODA locations. Instructions for connection are shown on the card in English and Italian (not dissimilar to what you can find in any hot-spot at the airport or hotel).

The only limitation is that the card is linked to the first device on which it is used, therefore it is necessary to have a separate card for each device that you would like to connect to the wireless network.
The card is valid for one calendar year and you can pick up the cards in all POLIMODA locations contacting the Front Desk staff.
To collect the card you will need to show a valid ID document (passport, identity card, electronic residence permit, etc.) or your POLIMODA academic booklet.


Atelier 98 Web, the multi-language fully customis­able management system, is entirely dedicated to fashion retail and is the leader in management of top sector brands produced by Reprosoft srl.
Atelier 98 WEB is easy to learn and to use, and has the following characteristics:
•     simplification of supplier relationship and integration with other management systems;
•     management of remote sales points on-line and  off-line simultaneously;
•     POS and PDA touch screen to speed up sales transactions;
•     multimedia kiosk for instant information on availability in other sales points;
•     CRM for retailers to simplify management of customer relations;
•     sector-specific business intelligence;
•     specific procedures for standard management operations: new ranges, sales, made-to-meas­ure, shop in shop…
•     CMS for E-commerce: integrated management f text and multimedia data with on-line availa­bility in points of sale.

The Italian distributor of Visual Retailing, since 1968 Porini SpA has worked exclusively in the textile and clothing sectors providing a service to production and distribution companies, management consul­tancy and process analysis, software programmes for supply chain management, production planning and control, product development and cost analy­sis. Porini has supplied Polimoda with a 3D system for Visual Merchandising support aimed at the fash­ion market.

Gerber Technology Inc. came into being in 1968 with the invention of automatic cutting systems. Since then the company has introduced and patented a se­ries of sophisticated and innovative products now available jointly in the GerberSuite:
stylistic design, product costing and management, pattern creation and development, interactive and automatic plotting, made-to-measure, computer pro­grammes for cutting, single-ply and multi-ply cutting, spreader and labelling systems.

Since 1994 Polimoda has used Gerber software for the study and development of pattern making. The Technology Centre uses the Accumark programme for pattern design and to develop cutting and plot­ting.

In the laboratories of the Technological Centre, the Elitron software is used. This is an advanced pro­gramme for the design of footwear and accessories that covers the demands of the manufacturing com­panies from the graphic sketch through to the pro­duction of the model.

This programme interfaces with an advanced pro­gramme for design and model development, through to layout, sizing and consumption calculations for a complete design and production of the project. In addition the data generated can be transferred to CAD-CAM systems for lasts, heels and soles.
Polimoda, in collaboration with the Elitron firm, con­firms its role as the only training centre for footwear in Italy featuring such innovative characteristics.

This important partnership will involve Polimoda in an important process of liaison between manufactur­ing companies and the demands for training in a rap­idly developing footwear sector.